Annual/100hr Inspection

Following has been taken care of: OAT Probe on G4 Engine monitor has been replaced Oil leak in CSU has been fixed Heating system handle had been replaced New CO Detector has been fitted (good till may 2020) Refer to the Airworthiness Limitations document for further details

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G4 OAT probe is U/S

Probably there is a problem with the connection from the OAT Probe to the G4 instrument. Will be looked at on 4 Oct. This probe does not affect vital systems, but is used to calculate the theoretical HP in the G4.

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Mechanics: 50hr maintenance: done Slick magneto impuls coupling inspection: done Heater switch: repaired. Should be lifted and operated with care. Also not put it in the full right position to prevent over-centering it. Because it might get stuck again in that position (cf picture) Fuel gauges: NOT repaired. Care should be taken of readout in flight. Better [...]

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