In the next days, The G4 will be upgraded to vs204. Take a look at some nifty new features:

Some of the changes in going from G4 version 182, 202, 203 and 204 are…

  • Previously there was no standard color scheme in the configuration screens. Now the selected line is yellow and the inactive lines are white. The ambiguity of YES/NO in red has been removed by displaying only the word YES or the word NO, not both at once, when saving. When there is a choice of several items the selected item is displayed in green. Exactly one item is always selected. For example if the choices of temperature units are Celsius or Fahrenheit then either Fahrenheit or Celsius will be selected.
  • The FUEL TOTALIZATION screen has been improved and is even easier to use.  This change allows the pilot to see this screen before entering fuel on board.  Also setting initial fuel can be checked and corrected in flight.  Previously the pilot had to enter the amount of fuel onboard before he could view the fuel totalization page.  Now both the fuel totalization page and the fuel setup page are accessible at any time.
  • The G4 single can now be configured to totalize fuel by left/right tank. Additional hardware (switch) required.
  • The G4 twin clears the lean boxes one engine at a time.
  • G4 can now display and log OAT in either Celsius or Fahrenheit independent of the choice for EGT/CHT/TIT/OIL/CARB
  • Changed the upper limit of manifold pressure at maximum horsepower from 45.0 to 49.0 in Hg to accommodate 48 inches of mercury for TIO540-J2DB.
  • Made OAT readings smoother (more readable) by using a 16-sample moving average.
  • Made Oil pressure readings smoother (more readable) by using a 16-sample moving average.
  • On TAS screen
    •   Renamed ‘TAT’ to ‘SAT’ (Static Air Temperature)
    •   Renamed ‘ALT’ to ‘PALT’ (Pressure Altitude)
    •   Renamed ‘OAT’ to ‘G4 OAT’ (Outside Air Temperature measured by the G4)
    •   Added ‘TAT’ (Total Air Temperature)
  • The G4 can have simultaneous communication with GPS, TAS, and Slave. TAS to G4,  G4 to GPS,  G4 master to G4 slave.
  • Valid CHT REDLINES are 450, 460, 475, 500, 525, 550.
  • Valid TIT REDLINES are 1650, 1725, 1750.