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Private Pilot since 1992, totaling about 900hr of experience, mostly on Piper Arrow III and Saratoga II HP

GTN 650 Updated to v6.41

GTN 6XX/7XX Main Software Version 6.41 contains: Added support for visual approaches which include advisory vertical and horizontal guidance to most runways. Added support for forwarding GTX attitude through the Flight Stream 510 to portable devices. Added support for advisory vertical guidance on LNAV approaches in regions without SBAS coverage. Removed pop-up that impeded the [...]

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Winter Repairs

First half of next week, N123AX will be serviceable again. Amongst others, the following has been done: Update of G4 Engine Monitor to latest software version Overhaul of the CSU Replacement of Mixture Cable New (gen) battery, which is supposed to be lasting far better and longer Right gear 'green' light repaired (wire was unsoldered) [...]

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Insight Avionics G4 UPDATE 204 dd. 17 Jan 2018

In the next days, The G4 will be upgraded to vs204. Take a look at some nifty new features: Some of the changes in going from G4 version 182, 202, 203 and 204 are... Previously there was no standard color scheme in the configuration screens. Now the selected line is yellow and the inactive lines [...]

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