GTN 6XX/7XX Main Software Version 6.41 contains:

  • Added support for visual approaches which include advisory vertical and horizontal guidance to most runways.
  • Added support for forwarding GTX attitude through the Flight Stream 510 to portable devices.
  • Added support for advisory vertical guidance on LNAV approaches in regions without SBAS coverage.
  • Removed pop-up that impeded the creation of user waypoints defined by two radials.
  • Fixed RS-232 Aviation Outputs is sue that would incorrectly send distance to destination.
  • Changed datalink weather timestamps so that they will now collapse when all weather is current to declutter the display.
  • Added support for logging connections to the Flight Stream products connected to the GTN. The log can be sent to Garmin for analysis, when needed.
  • Added support for setting transponder emergency squawk code when COM volume knob is pressed and held to activate the emergency COM frequency.

GTN Main Software Version 6.41 and Flight Stream 510 Software Version 2.32:

  • Fixed issue related to FIS-B weather data (Service Advisory 1684) from a GTX 345
  • Added an attitude output from a GTX 345 when connected to a GTN