and here we go again …

Further to our previous trip around the Mediterranean, here’s a series of pictures taken during a round trip (1-3 May 2009) from Charleroi (EBCI) to Val di Chienti (LI23) (Italy). The Trip took us from Charleroi to Strasbourg (LFST), Zurich (LSZH), Samedan (LSZS), Vicenza (LIPT), Ravenna (LIDR), Rimini (LIPR), Ancona (LIPY), Fano (LIDF), Val di Chienti (LI23) and back to Grimbergen (EBGB), straight over the Alps.

Pictures are here

During our stay, on 2 May, Serge took a local flight around Monti Sibillini National Park, together with Claudio and Moreno. Here are the pictures