From 2 to 12 August 2010, my daugther Marie, Serge and his wife Yoli took (again) a trip to Astypalaia, Greece (LGPL).

We flew from Grimbergen (EBGB) to Bastia, Corsica (LFKB). Then to Corfu, Greece (LGKR) to reach Astypalaia, Greece (LGPL) two days later.

On our way back, since we were flying to Dubrovnik, Croatia (LDDU), which is outside the Schengen Countries, we needed to make a stop first at Kos Island, Greece (LGKO) for customs clearance and refueling. On our flight we passed Thessaloniki, Greece (LGTS), flew through Macedonia, Albania and along Podgorica, Montenegro (LYPG) following airways on a strict airway-based route.

Again for customs and refueling reasons, we flew from Dubrovnik (LDDU) directly to Cannes, France (LFMD), crossing Italy from Pescara (LIBP) to Grosetto, South of Elba and via Cap Corse to Cannes, via allocated VFR intersections.

Finally from Cannes we flew back to Grimbergen.

The lovely pictures, taken by Serge, can be seen here.