ForeFlight has been installed on the iPad Mini, aboard the aircraft. Thanks to Daniel, on one hand, and my Skydemon due for renewal, I decided to switch. Garmin Pilot is still installed, and will most certainly be supported until the mid-March 2019 However still under my personal review, ForeFlight is very promising and seems to [...]

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Tips when Hangaring

Please take care of the following, when putting the aircraft in the hangar: Place the nose wheel at least 30cm BEHIND the 'T' on the ground to have enough clearance for the prop dome vs the sliding hangar-doors Put the Cowl in place to prevent Birds from nesting in the engine compartiment Put the Pitot [...]

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Trip to Greece – August’10

From 2 to 12 August 2010, my daugther Marie, Serge and his wife Yoli took (again) a trip to Astypalaia, Greece (LGPL). We flew from Grimbergen (EBGB) to Bastia, Corsica (LFKB). Then to Corfu, Greece (LGKR) to reach Astypalaia, Greece (LGPL) two days later. On our way back, since we were flying to Dubrovnik, Croatia [...]

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Trip to Santander – May’10

From Friday 21 until Monday 24 May, Serge, Yoli, Daphné and myself took a fantastic fight to Santander (LEXJ). Flying to Santander, we made a stop at Angers (LFJR) On the way back we stopped at St. Pierre d'Oléron (LFDP) Pictures of the trip can be seen here.

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An AirBP card is available in the aircraft (in the holder, first page of the POH) Pilots should prefer to use it for simplicity in administration. While a booklet of places, where AirBP is available, will also be in the aircraft, a current list can be found here. If, by circumstance, you are obliged to refuel on another [...]

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Trip to Greece – August 2009

From 1 to 11 August, Serge, Yoli and myself took a trip to Greece. We travelled from Grimbergen (EBGB) to Pula Croatia (LDPL), Losinj Croatia (LDLO), along the coast of Albania to Corfu Greece (LGKR), Milos Greece (LGML) to Astypalaia Greece (LGPL). We returned to Grimbergen via Corfu Greece (LGKR) and Lucca Italy (LIQL). During our flights we made pictures of the Austrian Alps, Croatian [...]

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Trip around a Chunk of Southern Europe – Trip Apr’09

Departing from Grimbergen (EBGB) on 11 April 2009, we (Serge, his wife and myself) took a series of flights to land back in Grimbergen on Sunday 19 April 2009. The trip took us from Grimbergen to Innsbruck (LOWI) (Austria), Pula (LDPL) (Croatia), Split (LDSP) (Croatia), Pescara (LIBP) (Italy), Val di Chienti (LI23) (a private airfield 20Nm [...]

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